Recently, I happened to witness two hypes in scientific world. People tried to maintain the secrecy until the last moment, and blogs, news etc. were full of speculations.

First was about the discovery of the dark matter and it turned out to be a fiasco. You can find more details here. There was also a special meeting in Perimeter Institute that evening. Live telecast of the talk from SLAC was screened. All the physicists were sitting in the Bob room, holding their breath, hoping that they might witness one of the biggest breakthroughs of the century in next couple of minutes. Soon speaker started detailing their findings and more than half of the people left the room before the talk finished. I remember John Ellis from CERN stating in one of his lectures at 4th Asian Winter School in Particles, Strings and Cosmology: “12 percent confidence level? Bullshit!”

Second speculated (but less publicized) breakthrough comes from a company named Bloom Energy in Silicon Valley. The company is founded by Dr. K. R. Sridhar, an academician and entrepreneur of Indian origin. They have claimed to invent very efficient and environment friendly fuel cells that will revolutionize the energy industry. In one of his interviews, Dr. K. R. Sridhar has promoted his vision by saying that although the technology is currently expansive but it will improve over the period and follow the Moore’s Law. Anyways, i personally find his ideas very promising (here is a video). If investments are made, they might be able to improve the technology and provide a great alternative energy source.


I have a dilemma. What exactly is the working definition of passion? My thoughts are divided over two ideas: is passion something one finds immense pleasure to do, or it is something that gives great satisfaction. How one should make a choice in his life if pleasure and satisfaction does not get along?

There is a thin line that separates these two ideas and let me explain it through an example. Let us say X is a talented artist and a kind-hearted natural leader. X is passionate about painting and he makes good amount of money by selling his paintings. That also brings him fame and boosts his ego. On the other hand, his sympathetic heart argues that if he could become a social worker, he might be able to serve the humanity in a better way. Let us assume that he can’t choose both the paths simultaneously. In what direction he should go? What should he choose, pleasure or satisfaction?

I am just curious what does people mean in those talks when they say that one should follow his/her heart.

When I first created this blog four years back, I didn’t realize how hard it is to pen down thoughts. I lacked motivation and interest, and alibied that I am too busy.Yes, I had enough time to watch hundreds of movies and almost all the seasons of “The big bang theory”, “Avatar” and “Aladdin”, but I was too busy to write on my blog.

Approximately five months back, I met this short, jolly and very enthusiastic guy. Over the period, I have learned hundreds of things from his thoughtfulness and wide class of experiences. He is an implacable and motivated writer and inspires others to do so. No need to say that we have become very good friends and he is one of the guy who motivated me to start writing a blog. So respecting the spirit of penmanship, this small note is written to give credits to Saurabh for his endeavors.

I will write soon.

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